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Redbus Ventures provides capital to early stage businesses.

Redbus invests in ventures that will benefit not only from its capital investment but also from its management resource and experience.


Case Study

Credible is a comparison tool. A one stop application form that helps students switch lenders and save money on their student loans
Credible is attempting to transform the student loan business in the U.S.
Redbus was the biggest investor in the seed round (2013) and has been working closely in support of the founder
Credible won the "Best 2.0 Company" award of the 2014 LAUNCH Festival
Credible went live in 2014

Redbus Ventures recently completed an intermediate funding round for Kabbee, the London taxi comparison and booking business
In October 2012, Kabbee raised $3.25m from Redbus Ventures, Samos Investments, Pentland Group and Betfair founder Ed Wray
Founded in June 2011, Kabbee has more than 50 cab fleets and 4000 minicab drivers signed up and provides price comparison and booking services via iOS and Android apps as well as online
Rapid growth since Redbus Ventures' investment
In November 2013, Kabbee concluded a 3.8m ($6.2m) Series A funding round led by Octopus Investments.
Lovefilm / Video Island
Redbus founded Video Island in November 2002
Largest online DVD rental subscription service in the UK
Series C funding completed with Benchmark Capital and Index Ventures
Video Island acquired it's leading competitor, Screen Select in 2004

In 2006 Video Island transacted a 50/50 merger with Lovefilm and becomes Europe's largest online DVD rental business with operations in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany
In 2008, Amazon Inc invested a significant stake in Lovefilm / Video Island
In 2011, Amazon Inc acquired Lovefilm / Video Island

Redbus Group funded the Series A round for JoyRider in it's entirety in 2004.
JoyRider quickly becomes a leading advertising production house developing a world class reputation and completing campaigns for many household brands
September 2010 Redbus Group sold a third of it's stake for a sum in excess of it's entire investment
September 2013 Redbus Group sold it's remaining stake in an MBO