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Redbus Group is a UK based investment group that both invests in early stage ventures and also seeks to acquire businesses that require restructuring or re-financing.

Redbus Group came into existence as an offshoot of Redbus Film Distribution which was founded in 1997 as a film distribution company. Redbus Film Distribution had rapidly established itself as one of the largest and most profitable film distributors in the UK. In late 2000 it was sold to Helkon Media AG at a deal valuating it at $46 million.

Redbus through its subsidiary Filmgroup was also the first company in Europe to successfully develop technology to compress and stream moving images over the internet.

In 2005 Redbus sold its production and distribution operations to Lionsgate Inc for $42 million.

Redbus' focus today is towards investing in early stage companies and acquiring media businesses and assets that were either undervalued, in distress or in need of restructuring.

Employing an entrepreneurial yet disciplined approach, Redbus, either in partnership with other financial institutions or alone, is constantly looking for opportunities to leverage off its capital, market knowledge and management resources.

Redbus was the fastest growing company in the UK in 2003 and ranked number one in the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100.

Redbus Group is a UK based private company and the main operating vehicle of Simon Franks.